Monday, January 02, 2006

London Eye (B&W)

This picture was taken around Sunset, it was freezing. This is the only picture I took that day that I was really happy with. I set my tripod on Westminster Bridge and took a measure with my lightmeter, I can't remember the exact settings tough, the exposure must be around 8s.

Fuji GW 670, Kodak B&W Tri-X 400 ASA, tripod.November 2006

Architecture in the City of London

This picture was taken on a very dull Saturday morning, the sky was very grey and it started to rain. I was walking around the city without any specific ideas in mind, when I found this covered walk way. What I like most in this picture is the light and the reflection of the building opposite in the windows.

Fuji GW 670, Kodak B&W Tri-x 400 Asa, handheld. November 2005